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                             night life events
night life events


Get the NightLifeApp for your mobile phone and get access to all the nightlife events in your city or wherever you travel.

No download cost, the App is free. Simply download it here.

Events are based on your physical location, so you get what is around you in real time.

NightLifeApp does not send you unwanted anything or intrude your privacy. You access the NightLifeApp whenever you want or need to find nightlife events, clubs, bars, concerts, happy hour around your location. You access the deals, events and promotions you want, when you want them. Simple, easy and just a few taps away!

Just click on the NightLifeApp, a variety of events around you will show up. Click and see the events details with Picture, Video, Map, Address, Number to call, RSVP option to forward the event to your friends, Direct connect to the Facebook, Twitter and Myspace promoter account, all straight from your mobile. We make it easy for you to use and share with friends. With the NightLifeApp on your mobile you are a few "VIP" taps away from a great event in your city or a city you are visiting. We partner with the best event promoters to provide you with the best VIP events to attend whenever you feel going out, so enjoy it’s Free.

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  • more to come
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1- Sign up at NightLifeApp, it’s free and web based, nothing to download

2- Post your events on NightLifeApp whenever you want from your account or from your Facebook account. It's Free to post your events

3- Your events will be posted instantly on the NightLifeApp community and your App (if you want to set one up)

4- Get your own custom mobile app for your business with your own design. We also submit your App to the Apple Store for only $10 per month! Yes that's it, no need to spend thousands we are here to help you and get your business a smart phone App.

Smart phones are the future, get into the mobile wave and grab your patrons attention and loyalty. We provide you with all the tools to interact with people, hundreds and soon thousands will be using NightLifeApp to find a great event around them so don’t wait anylonger, we are here to help you enter the smart phone revolution, just sign up now, it’s free. read more

We are part of the Apple, Palm, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry platforms. Our App is accessible via mobile web just go to from your mobile phone and you are ready to go. Our unique system allows anyone to use the application from most smartphone even without the App downloaded.

Want to build your own App? We got you covered, just sign up and click on MyApp. We offer you 2 options:
-Web App like a wap/mobile version of your App totally free
-Regular App that we submit and support for you at the Apple Store for a
simple small monthly fee of $10

Event Promoters, Clubs and Bars sign up now to post your events on the NightLifeApp plus get your own App, it’ Free

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